Cynthia's Awesome Massage
More than a luxury it's good health!

The Mission

The Mission:


is to enrich the lives of clients as individuals, families and my community through:

  • The application of professional and therapeutic massage modalities, to enhance the bodies natural mechanisms for health, the relief of pain and reducing tension due to todays hectic life-styles with specifically tailored treatment to the individual's needs and desires.

  • Teaching the individual/family how massage and complementary good health measures can best improve his health and life experience.

  • Public education about massage & its benefits through participation in community events and on-line in my web-page and social media pages and articles in local print media.

  • Cooperation with and referral to other health care providers as needed by the individual/family.

  • Fostering the awareness and understanding of research and developments in the field to clients and the public.

  • Fostering an understanding of massage education and credentialing and how to get the most out of an individual's massage experience.